Tumwater Junior High Firewolves Wrestling


Take Downs (Offense)

  1. How to shoot a Double Leg Take Down

  2. General information on a Single leg take down from legend Cary Kolat

Take Downs (Defense)

  1. Sprawl

  2. Whizzer

  3. More on the Whizzer

  4. Front Head lock

  5. Defending the head and arm

Referee's Position

    Moves from the bottom

  1. Outside leg stand up and jam back

  2. Short sit

  3. Switch

    Moves from the top

  1. Arm Chop and Tight waiste

  2. Far knee far ankle(bonus cross face cradle)

  3. Tight waiste far ankle

  4. Mat return with a knee slide for the defender

  5. Why we never reach back in wrestling

    Pinning Combinatioins

  1. Half Nelson

  2. Arm Bar

  3. Cross Face Cradle

Stance and Motion(Shadow wrestling)

Kolat showing how to shadow wrestle