Delivery Lynx

DELIVERY-Lynx is an on-the-truck metering system consisting of a MID:COM Smart Link Printer and Meter head attached to a laptop computer with the DELIVERY-Lynx software from Columbus Systems, each sold separately.


The DELIVERY-Lynx software is a Windows-based product that collects the data generated by the meter head automatically and provides easy point-and-click recording of your deliveries. The information collected on the truck can then be automatically downloaded to Lynx Propane Software.  Since the software on the truck is a subset of the back office system there is no bridge program necessary.  Many on-truck systems require the end user to deal with three companies.  The back office software company, the meter head company and the on-truck software company.  With DELIVERY-Lynx and Lynx Propane Software you are only dealing with the one software company (Columbus Systems) and the meter head company (MID:COM). This makes things easier for everyone. With DELIVERY-Lynx, your driver has:

-color maps showing the location of each tank to be delivered to.
-a constant count of the gallons so he knows how much fuel is left on the truck.
-tickets that are automatically printed with the customers name, address, account number, directions, instructions, etc.
-tickets that are automatically calculated.
-payment, discount, tax and totals printed on the ticket.
-and many, many more features. . . .

Enter Deliveries screen… With DELIVERY-Lynx, delivery invoices are automatically posted to the customer account. The gallons are received from the meter directly, extended by the appropriate price, and applicable taxes applied. In addition, the driver is prompted to receive payments and apply discounts if they apply.


These are only a few of the many cost-saving features in DELIVERY-Lynx.
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